December 31st, 2005


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NPR's memorable moments from 2005.
CNN's top stories of 2005.
The LATimes presents their greatest hits of 2005.

* Kung-POW. "Organization linked to Rep. Tom DeLay was funded largely by corporations associated with embattled lobbyist Jack Abramoff."
* Chalabi named Iraqi oil minister.
* Where is the security of pensions from days gone by?
* I heard it on NPR: day laborers facing opposition and protest.
* "What does climate change mean for our consumption society?"
* "Our conclusion? Too much analysis can confuse people about how they really feel." (Courtesy squeegibo.)
* Bob Mondello's top eleven movies of 2005.
* Filming an American icon... in Australia.
* Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Tom Jones.

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First off, happy birthday to Goblin!
And a pre-emptive happy birthday to BadHand tomorrow.

Just over halfway done with new year's cards. About halfway done with new icons, too. Caught Syriana last night, good stuff. Will post more on that later. Bebe back in town tomorrow night. Busy busy busy.

If I'm not on later tonight (a distinct possibility, what with the Virginia weekend and all) happy new year's, everyone. Sorry I'm missing the big party in MD, but, them's the breaks. Ye-ah. Sure not bitter there. Ah well. Virginia party should be fun.

My movie list of 2005 tomorrow night.