December 29th, 2005


blah blah blah

After work yesterday, headed down to Selene's parent's house, as her family got back yesterday from their Christmas vacation. Tasty dinner, fun conversation. Selene kept me awake for the long car ride home, we got caught up, then presents were exchanged, etc.

Tonight, clubbin'. Tomorrow, day off from work, so, some oversleeping is in order. No idea what's up tomorrow night. Saturday, New Year's party in Virginny. Sunday, picking up tze bebe and bebe's momma from the airport. Monday, bebeday. (At some point in there, maybe one of those Henson movies.)

More later.


Damage to the levees in New Orleans should take five years to fix. There's over 175 *miles* of levees that need repair. Katrina was only a category 3 hurricane when it struck. So why is the government saying that they will be done in time for hurricane season next year. And if they can't, will former residents return?

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