December 24th, 2005


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Amusing side note I forgot to include the other day:

When I leave from bebetime, my daughter sees me to the door after a hug and a kiss. It's a good part of the ritual that I think is helping her deal with the separation anxiety thing. A couple times in the past, I had to go back in because I forgot my water bottle inside, so then she had to see me out again. So now, she usually says, while opening the front door for me, "Got your water? Got your juice?" to make sure I didn't forget anything.

Earlier this week, I was pretty beat after a couple days of little sleep. As I was walking out the door for the car ride home, she said "you should go home and take a nap."

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American airstrikes are leading to increased civilian casualties in Iraq. In related news, the military confirms a recent surge in the use of airstrikes.

Welcome to America, 2005: Muslim mosques, homes, and businesses were secretly monitored for radiation nationwide.

Turns out the NSA was spying on a lot more telephone and internet communications than the administration let on. Seems that rumors of data mining are panning out. Also, remember that case Bush cited?

Wait. Did Cheney just come clean about the presidential power grab?

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Hey, the year wasn't all bad in politics. "You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie."

Holocaust 'Avengers' reunite.

NPR presents the story of a mysterious fire in West Virginia that may or may not have lead to the deaths of five children, sixty years ago.