December 23rd, 2005


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Last night at the Nations Gothicks club was freakin' awesome. I'm glad I decided against my better judgment and decided to go. Saw *too many* keen people to mention, drank just enough to be drunk, but not enough to be really drunk. Danced a whole bunch, as there were cool chicks to dance with and the music was 75% groovy (on both sides, nonetheless.) Met a couple people I only knew online before (and afraid I came across as a total ditz, but hey) and caught up with people I hadn't seen in a good long while. Good times.

Oh, and everyone's on notice, I'm going next Thursday also, as The Birthday Massacre is going to be playing. And I don't have to work the next day! Aw, yeah.

Totally woke up late - like when I had to be at work. UGH. Skipped the drive up to the Greenbelt Metro (as I was at Selene's parents' house) and just drove to work here in Fairfax. Didn't get in too much trouble, luckily, and lucked out with adequate parking as well.

Of course, since I drove here, I'm gonna have an exciting drive home to Baltimore this afternoon. On a Friday commute. The day before a holiday. Ye-ah.

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So, tomorrow morning before work I drive bebe and bebe's momma to the airport for their Seattle flight. They'll be gone through New Year's. This morning, Selene left for her family gathering in SC, they'll be back Wednesday. The house (and my schedule) are pretty quiet until then, more or less. Work went from busy as heck yesterday to totally dead today.

My point is, I will try to keep the LJ posting down, but no promises. Heh.

(In related news, other people best be posting to LJ, so I don't go crazy.)

Commute home took just over two hours, which wasn't killer. It was disproportionately heavy on the Fairfax-to-Rockville-or-so side of things, but that's to be expected, as I can take "back roads" back to Baltimore from there.

Tonight, laundry, dishes (frikkin' machine *still* busted,) maybe some catching up on TV (like, say, the BSG season finale, which I haven't technically watched yet.) Definitely some sleep.

And if you're online tonight and also bored, check out this classic David Bowie comic book.