December 20th, 2005


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As previously noted, caught Aeon Flux last week. I have to admit, I expected to like it less. And the costumes were nice. Oh, it was terrible, don't get me wrong. But still, not quite enough to be laughably bad. Just sort of boringly bad.

And yesterday was King Kong, which was entirely the opposite. Seriously great stuff. Interesting and likeable characters, good acting, good writing. The pacing might be a little off, either that or three hours was just a bit long. But it had me interested even before the big ape shows up, and I wanted to know what happens next, even while being immersed in the foreshadowing. This was also clearly Mr. Jackson's homage to classical movies of the time, with a number of fun hints and references. And they hit all the important parts and lines of the original (with one noticeable exception) while at the same time making the movie their own. Great stuff, *definitely* find the time to see it on the big screen, and thank me afterwards.

New trailers:
* Underworld: Evolution - So there. Looks every bit as good as the original.
* Annapolis - You may have seen this movie when it was called Top Gun. And didn't have the Green Goblin's son in it.
* Over the Hedge - Lookin' sharp, I gotta admit.
* The Break Up - Yeah, I don't know. On the other hand, Cole Hauser.
* Mission: Impossible III - OK. I didn't even see the second one, and I don't even like Mr. Cruise, but the trailer made me want to see 3. Also, a great cast including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Simon Pegg, and more.
* Poseidon - Speaking of a good cast, but this time let me note Andre Braugher and Kurt Russell. Looks like a nifty remake.
* Inside Man - Again with the big casts (Willem Dafoe, Chiwetel Ejiofor, etc.) Trailer kind of gives a lot away. Could be good, but will wait for reviews.
* Miami Vice - Hmm. Lookin' sharp, as this is, in fact, Michael Mann's alley. But, can them come up with a compelling plot, substance to match the style? Time will tell.

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"FBI counterterrorism investigators are monitoring domestic U.S. advocacy groups engaged in antiwar, environmental, civil rights and other causes, the American Civil Liberties Union charged yesterday as it released new FBI records that it said detail the extent of the activity."

Judge bars 'intelligent design' from Pennsylvania science classes.

On NPR's use of political think tanks.

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"Giving people 'the creeps' at Christmas is a serious thing, so we decided some actual reporting might be in order.'

"I mean, this is not Madison, Wisconsin, where you expect those people to be communing with Satan."
-Bill O'Reilly presents thirteen controversial movies.

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CoV players: The two starting trainers in CoH are Miss Liberty and the Back Alley Brawler. Who are they in CoV?

Also, is there an equivalent of Coyote (the guy from the training mission)?