December 17th, 2005


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"You're going to relegate my history to a month?... I don't want a black history month. Black history is American history."
-Morgan Freeman

Analysis: the administration is seeking to expand executive branch powers.

Why the Times delayed its article on domestic surveillance for a year. (Incidentally, I think this is going to be a hot story for a while to come.

Good read: Ralph Reed and the Abramoff scandal.

Yesterday's Dan Froomkin was a good read, with lots of updates to current topics, including McCain defeating Cheney.

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A look back at how old textbooks taught 'intelligent design'. Definitely not what I want the next generation learning in school.

'Buffy,' a Kuiper Belt object, isn't following the rules.

How to get viewers back to the movies.

Best headline ever: Drunk, Half-Naked Finn Sets Norway Record

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First things first: happy birthday to my favourite Canadienne, Ocho!

Selene e-mailed me a copy of our schedule for the next week and change; I sent her additions. It's goofy that my life has come to that, but there we go. Oddly, I don't have solid plans the day before or after Christmas proper, if anyone is interested. Otherwise, I'll just have to fight evil in Pinnacle City.

Lessee, time for a brief rambling update. Missed watching Kong the other night, on account of a surprise ailment, which has been bugging me for the past few days, and generally wrecking plans. However, Selene and I did catch dinner with Operative X on Thursday, followed by a viewing of Aeon Flux at the Majestic. Yes, on purpose, more or less. Further details on that in a separate post.

Money, of course, remains an issue, so like no one is getting presents this year. Bah, humbug indeed, my little scrooges. Dishwasher remains broken at home. Bills piling up, much like my to-do list for that mythical era when I find this thing called "free time." Plans to move to College Park put off some more, maybe the end of January. I am pretty downtrodden about it, but there's so not much I can do about it, as it's a combination of factors that just won't budge.

Last night, a little CoH, including running through the new holiday mission. Fun. Tonight, big holiday party at Chez Velvet and Kermit. Tomorrow, bebeday (last before she heads west with her mother for Christmas with the grandparents,) and family dinner. Clubbing next week, as a certain foreigner from California will be in town.