December 15th, 2005


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So my efforts to watch Kong last night were thwarted by a surprise stomach ailment. Feh.

New trailers (from before Narnia):
* Glory Road - Remember Remember the Titans? Here's the basketball version! Including the same writer and, in fact, the same music from the trailer.
* Hoodwinked - Remember Shrek? Yeah. Seems derivative (down to the animation.) However, I will be saying "Dy-na-mi-te!" like they do in the trailer for a while.
* Ice Age 2: the Meltdown - Remember the first one? Here's more!
* The Last Holiday - Q: who should we cast in this remake of an Alec Guinness movie? A: Queen Latifah! But hey. Could be cute.
* Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Q: what's the only way to improve on the original? A: Bill Nighy! Lookin' sharp. More special effects-y, but maybe they're just playing that up for the trailer. And it appears Ms. Knightley gets to be a real pirate in this one, so, more's the better.
* Cars - Just a teaser trailer, but hey, it's Pixar.

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"Five years ago today Al Gore phoned George Bush to formally concede the presidency. Since then the United States has suffered its worst ever terrorist attack, become embroiled in a disastrous foreign war and bungled the response to a natural catastrophe. So what is the Bush legacy after half a decade? Is he a ruthless Machiavellian or a bumbling puppet? A devout idealist or a cynical opportunist? A disaster or a mild disappointment? Here, six top American commentators - from the left and the right - deliver their verdicts."

Joel Achenbach on the Dan Froomkin issue at the Washington Post. (Bonus: follow-up and commentary.)

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Woman sues Warren Jeffs' fundamentalist polygamist cult.

Courtesy Iceman, classic London punk pics.