November 26th, 2005


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Three comic book bits, updated:

1.) Kicking the season off right with scans from the Hellboy Christmas Special from 1997. Awesome little story.

2.) Speaking of scans, here's a primer on Runaways, containing scanned pics from the first volume. Seriously one of the better comics currently in print.

3.) You, yes *you*, can help choose Chris Claremont's next project. (Note: if you're a long-term reader who has been out of the comic book loop for a while, let me just mention that, these days, Claremont is a *terrible* writer. Seriously.) (But if you just like voting, go for #3.)

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"Millions of Americans, most of them supporters of the Republican party, believe that the world was created only a few thousand years ago as per the account in Genesis and the dinosaurs can only date from then, so the Tyrannosaurus Rex romped around with Adam and Eve. In other words these Americans, heirs to every scientific advance in history, deny rational accounts of how the world came to exist... It seems to me that the central political question facing everyone here, far more important than any to do with Iraq or the deficit or Guantanamo Bay, is whether or not the Republican party, after decades of flirting, has finally got into bed with an irrational sect."
-Justin Webb

Local journalists uncover evidence that the Chinese government tried to cover up the massive toxic spill.

The Abramoff scandal investigation grows dramatically, and threatens even more in power.

Even Bush supporters are losing faith in the administration.

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US to reach 1000 executions shortly.

DC stadium deal threatened unless MLB comes up with some money to pay cost overruns.

Were you wondering who won the World Chess Beauty Contest?