November 23rd, 2005


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Rains, pours, etc.

Only just made it into work on time, as the main way I get to work was taken up by a fire involving 8700 gallons of gas on 95. (Look, a pic.) Hachi machi!

So, yeah, had a good time playing a cool new boardgame last night at Magistrate's. Got home, found out some financial things I thought were covered weren't. And as my cell was out of juice all day, Selene had been dealing with that stress all day and couldn't get a hold of me. Meh.

The short answer is, even compared to how tight money was before, money's going to be tighter for the next couple months, probably until we can make it down to College Park. Yes, that means I'm canceling Christmas. At this point, I hope to be able to get a couple things for people around Arbor Day or so.

The "good" news is that this is a pretty good incentive to get on the ball about moving to CP. Also, it turns out gaming is a pretty cheap way to spend my time, so maybe I can sneak in some more time for that. Like the IKWM tourney in Glen Burnie this Sunday...?

In other news, the Metro is damn cold in the mornings these days. No way I can fall asleep on the ride in at this point.

Working tomorrow and Saturday, so if you really love me, post things to LJ so I have something to read. Heh.

Anyways. Work looks to be goofy, already. Family dinner tomorrow after a commute-o-rama, then other family dinner Friday. Both days bebe-ful. Good times.

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I actually have a backlog of phonecam pics to get through, including a couple of my lovely daughter.

For example:

I tell her she can bring one of her buddies in the car (buddies = toys or stuffed animals.) So she chooses this.

cheating at news posts

Every day before leaving work, I print out Dan Froomkin's column and Howard Kurtz's column to read on the drive home. I praise these two a lot, they cover a lot of ground, post links to other good reads, and go at least a little in-depth.

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And finally...
Michael Crowley spots some disturbing stats:

"A new Pew Institute poll helpfully reminds us not to take U.S. public opinion about foreign affairs too seriously. When asked whether certain countries possessed nuclear weapons, nearly a third said that Libya does. More people - 55 percent - believe Iran has nuclear weapons than think Great Britain (52 percent) or France (38 percent) does. Only 48 percent got Israel right. And just over one-fifth didn't know or weren't sure about Russia - Russia! Which has some 20,000 nukes. Yeesh.

"On a slightly more pertinent note, the poll found that the savvier Americans are about global affairs (based on their knowledge of key world figures and events), the less likely they are to support a quick withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Sixty-six percent of the least knowledgeable folks - i.e., ones who couldn't even ID Vladimir Putin - support a fast withdrawal. Only 48 percent of the best-informed ones took that position. Perhaps that offers some small consolation to the currently besieged stay-the-course crowd."

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"Are these techniques 'not torture,' as Mr. Goss claims? In fact, several of them have been practiced by repressive regimes around the world, and they once were routinely condemned by the State Department in its annual human rights reports."

Four years later, the administration has yet to settle on a consistent strategy for holding and punishing people it says are terrorists.

* Harold Meyerson on the anti-war protesters and an exit strategy without a home.
* CDC wants new powers to quarantine travelers, and more.
* So. Did big oil "participate"?
* Woodward's ties.
* The tanker explosion on 95 this morning burned the pavement off the road.
* Right. When she sais "coward", I'm sure she didn't mean it as an insult.

Tom Shales on Ted Koppel's signoff.

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My e-mail is down. Has been most of the day. if it's crucial, drop me a note at paul dot jacobus at gmail dot com. I'll post when things are working again. Sucks because I had a couple things of merit to reply to.

Georgia, I'm leaning towards Saturday, but am flexible. Will call your cell tomorrow.

Le sigh.

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[UPDATE: e-mail is totally back up.]