November 22nd, 2005


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In other retarded news, work has his new terrible idea, where they get people together from three or four different groups at the beginning of every shift to discuss current situations, what people are working on, etc. Of course, not every group has shifts beginning and ending at the same time. Meaning they expect someone to be staying a half hour to an hour after their shift. And not every group needs to know what's going on with every group. I'm at least going to wait until after morning meetings to throw a fit about what a bad, reactionary call this is.

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"George Bush will get out of the mess he has made - but the rest of us will be left with crushing national debt, rising economic inequality, a poisoned political atmosphere and the war in Iraq."
-Eugene Robinson

Katrina disaster forces us to take a new look at public housing.

Looking back at changes since the Thatcher years.

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Is happiness the catalyst for human behavior?

Is the age of movie theaters drawing to a close?

Investigating spontaneous human combustion (courtesy prakriti.)