November 20th, 2005


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"There is something singularly appropriate about the fact that the Plame affair should involve Woodward, whose skillful and courageous use of the ur-voice among confidential sources virtually created a whole genre of Washington reporting. It's a journalistic strategy style dependent on the cultivation of access to well-placed officials greased by promises of 'confidentiality.' It's a way of doing journalism that still serves its practitioners' career interests, but less and less often their readers or viewers because it's a game the powerful and well-connected have learned to play to their own advantage."

Bush flip-flops with his comments on the war debate.

More problems in the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

Is Metro under-reporting crimes?

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Another side of genetic tests for Down's syndrome.

"The British are about to embark on an exercise in social engineering based on what many think is an odd premise – that excessive drinking can be controlled by making it easier to drink."

What makes the Narnia novels so good?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.