November 11th, 2005


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Dear Post Express,

It would have been nice to mention the today's Metro schedule changes in *yesterday's paper*, not *today's paper.* Once I'm reading your paper *on the Metro,* I'm well aware that the schedule has changed.

Love, me

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Haw haw! 'House Republican leaders are forced to pull their budget-cutting bill off the House floor amid growing dissension in Republican ranks.'
Bonus: Dana Milbank brings us the Washington Sketch.

"More significant is the rejection of the entire far-right philosophy into whose thrall the Republican Party has fallen and whose out-of-touch demands threaten to turn into a death-grip."

An NFL fan sues over being frisked on the way into games.

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"In the era when dinosaurs ruled the Jurassic earth, a 13-foot oceanic crocodile with a short snout and a mouthful of deadly teeth hunted large creatures in the sea."

Two astronauts have figured out a way to keep asteroids from hitting Earth.

Country music invades New York City. But, let's define 'country.'