November 9th, 2005


odds, ends

MONDAY EVENING: Selene and I split a bottle of wine and re-watched The Doors. I shouldn't enjoy that movie as much as I do. But give me Crispin Glover as Andy Warhol, Michael Madsen as Tom Baker, plus Billy Idol and Michael Wincott and Kelly Hu and Mimi Rogers, and oh, the Ed Sullivan scene. Man, good times.

LAST NIGHT: Caught up with JubJub. We watched some Gankutsuou, which is an anime version of the Count of Monte Cristo. And is, in fact, kind of awesome. The animation is spectacular.

AND: We also watched House, and I enjoyed the show like I always do when I catch it, but I think they could have done a little more with R. Lee Ermey, honestly.

DRIVING HOME: So I turned the wrong way on 66 leaving her place. However, that's how I found out 66 east turns into 50 east in the city. My path home, in fact, turned out to be 66 east to 50 east to U street to 16th street to 29 north to 70 east to 695 north to Liberty Road. I am a huge rock star.

CONUNDRUM: There's about three or four REM songs I want from each and every album. I don't want any single REM album.

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"Because the news from Iraq has been mostly relegated to the back pages, I don't think most people grasp the intensity of the current hostilities. What's taking place in towns near the Syrian border is an offensive on the same scale as the Falloujah campaign. According to yesterday's LAT, U.S. warplanes were dropping 500 pound bombs, and a force of about 2,500 American and 1,000 Iraqi soldiers had invaded the town of Husaybah, which has a population of 30,000."

Prince George's County bans smoking in bars and restaurants.

To wrap up: Pennsylvania is smart and Kansas is dumb.

Congress's newest club: the Sissy Six.

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