November 7th, 2005


(no subject)

Jarhead turns out to be pretty damn good. A war movie about a war that wasn't really a war, it does a good job of balancing the scenes of the conflict itself with the intensity of all the time *not* in the conflict. The acting was good, and the references to other war movies, while obvious, were handled in a very satisfying manner. Worth seeing on the big screen.

New trailers:
* In the Mix - You know, if it was my first time headlining a movie, I'd also make it about how hot I was and how all these women were after me too.
* King Kong - Whoah. New, longer trailer that's, well, pretty fantastic. Seriously.
* Munich - Oh Spielberg, you scamp. Decent cast, but I don't know how the subject material will catch on.
* Running Scared - A-nope. Also, why do they let Paul Walker star in anything?
* Syriana - More current-events stuff from the guy that brought us Traffic, but this one's all about oil and the Middle East. Could work, if it isn't too preachy, we'll see. Good cast.

Unrelated notes:
* Boondocks was pretty enjoyable.
* Saw a commercial for Walk the Line, and wow, lookin' sharp.