November 3rd, 2005


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"Sure, maybe Libby's telling the truth here. Maybe Russert, Cooper, Miller, Grossman, Cheney, and two unknown CIA officers are engaged in a massive conspiracy to nail Libby to the wall for a crime he didn't commit. And if you believe that, I've got some crudely forged documents that I'd like to sell you alleging that Saddam Hussein bought uranium from Niger."
-courtesy Howard Kurtz

BAGnewsNotes continues its fascinating profile of Bill Frist.

Dick Meyer deconstructs the Senate circus.

Remember: if you're going to pray at a sporting event, make sure you're white.

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"But in addition to these arenas in which conservatives have obviously been making gains, there is another major outlet of ideas into which the Right has been quietly advancing: the world of popular fiction."

Courtesy Agent Dieter: Man Kills Buck With Bare Hands in Bedroom

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"President Bush last week appointed nine campaign contributors, including three longtime fund-raisers, to his Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, a 16-member panel of individuals from the private sector who advise the president on the quality and effectiveness of U.S. intelligence efforts. After watching the fate of Michael Brown as head of FEMA and Harriet Miers as Supreme Court nominee, you might think the president would be wary about the appearance of cronyism - especially with a critical national-security issue such as intelligence."
-from Newsweek, courtesy Dan Froomkin