November 2nd, 2005


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Report reveals that the CIA is holding an unknown number of terrorism suspects in secret prisons around the world.

"Rumsfeld also defended the government's decision not to permit United Nations human rights investigators to meet with terror suspects detained at Guantanamo Bay."

* Heh. Democrats use a little-known rule to force a closed Senate session. Republicans are unhappy.
* A review of Bush's first year of his second term.
* DeLay proves that judges aren't allowed to vote, either.
* "For more than a generation now, judicial philosophy has been a code word for the question of whether a nominee will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade."
* Comment period on morning-after pill comes to a close.
* Bush reveals what he carries in his pockets. Literally.
* Courtesy rackletang: Libby's erotic fiction.