October 30th, 2005


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Parties we meant to attend: 2 or 3
Parties attended: 1
New suggestions for book club books written down: 2 (1 fiction, 1 non-fiction)
Dinner plans made: 2
Kara-oke plans made: 1.5
Cool people we hung out with: a jillion

(no subject)

"The future of space exploration could lie in biomimetics, where engineering meets biology. In effect, it steals nature's evolutionary tricks to create revolutionary applications."

* News analysis: Bush needs to chart a recovery for his presidency.
* The limits of Bernanke's visions.
* As more and more people are living alone, the trend is affecting everyday life.
* What ever happened to the separation of religion and football?
* Oooh. The British government to put old educational films online.
* I predicted this lawsuit over the DaVinci Code.
* Nelson Mandela: the comic book
* The BBC looks at the rules of sarcasm.