October 25th, 2005


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Hit the Charles downtown last night with Lemon Russ and the ailing Selene for a showing of Good Night, and Good Luck. (Subtitle: 'the most properly punctuated movie title of the year.') I never thought I'd say this, but: George Clooney deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Director. Honestly, it's a great movie, one of the best I've seen all year. And it's not just me being a media dork talking, either, this is seriously well-done stuff. I do have a couple side issues with some of the subplots, which I can discuss with people after they've seen it. But the directing, framing, lighting, all of it combines with a great performance by Mr. Strathairn into a damn good movie. (Especially the framing.) (And the lighting.)

It is, however, the most pro-smoking movie of the year. I wanted a cigarette after it was done, and I've never smoked.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't ask Lemon Russ about his favorite dish at the tapas joint next door.

(Also, Lemon Russ, a reminder: we need to work on a new codename for you shortly. And I had asked about Penn and Teller's Bullshit.)

New trailers:
* Bee Season - Hmmm. Based on a book that made the book club circuits (and, in fact, a book we considered reading for our book club.) But, uh, well, the trailer made it look like something they quickly greenlighted after A Beautiful Mind made it big. Not holding my breath on this one.
* Separate Lies - Wow, the British just drips off this trailer. Seriously, it's like a parody of a Merchant-Ivory production. Might still be good, but I will let someone else find out first. (I *was* pleased to see the first name mentioned in the trailer was, in fact, the writer.)
* Price and Prejudice - Neither wild horses nor Donald Sutherland could drag me to this one.
* Capote - Long trailer, still looking good. And by 'good,' I mean 'an Oscar vehicle for Philip Seymour Hoffman.' But that's OK. (Also, yay Catherine Keener.)

Side note:
I always forget about the Jon Waters no-smoking-in-this-theater trailer before the movies they play at the Charles, and it cracks me up *every* time I see it.