October 24th, 2005


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As noted on NPR and mentioned on a couple friends' journals:

Anne Rice went and found God, and will now only be writing about the Jesus. See, a diabetic coma sent her back to the Church, and sadly I don't have the joke to follow up that punchline.

(The good news is, I won't have to lament the fact that she's continuing to write crappy vampire novels. Jesus does save! Heh heh heh.)

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No real mega-post today, just go read Dan Froomkin and Howard Kurtz.

* Bush names Bernanke to replace Greenspan.
* 'Declassified documents show clandestine FBI surveillance of U.S. residents has been conducted without proper paperwork.'
* Bush won't release Miers' records.
* Poll shows half of Americans don't believe in evolution.
* Can the left capitalize on the right's floundering? Meanwhile, Republicans search for a way to staunch the blood flow.
* Lion skulls unearthed at the Tower of London.