October 20th, 2005


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"We're at war, George Bush keeps reminding us. We cannot continue with business as usual. A pre-9/11 mentality is deadly. Putting the lives of our troops at risk is treason... Yes, the Republicans are now making light of an intentional effort to expose an undercover CIA agent, working on weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, no less, while we are at war in the Middle East on that very issue. The GOP has become the party of treason."
-John Aravosis

"How about you? Have you worked with anybody ever accused of a cover-up to hide a federal crime? Has anybody in your carpool served time for conspiracy? Has that kid who brings the coffee and doughnuts been guilty of obstruction of justice? Yet it seems that all these crimes are considered 'business as usual' in American politics. And that's the outrage. The people we trust our government to should have a higher standard of ethics, not a lower one. If someone we've given power to lies, cheats, or steals, it's unforgivable."
-Lloyd Garver

"The judge's 48-page opinion upheld the principle that a religious group can hire and fire employees on the basis of their religious beliefs and practices, even if their salaries come from taxpayer funds. That principle is at the heart of the Bush administration's policy."

"In its 6,000-word Judith Miller saga, the New York Times delivered a mix of reality TV and teen soap opera - and invited bloggers to walk all over the paper's reputation."
-Tina Brown

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"If Harriet E. Miers were a soft drink, she would be New Coke: a carefully marketed product that no one is buying."

"How many parents does it take to get books pulled?"

Dottie Lynch on the Republican climate change.

Yes, it's still all about Roe vs. Wade. But: maybe that isn't the argument anymore.

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"Russians are flocking to see Company 9, the first blockbuster about the Soviet experience in Afghanistan and one that pulls no punches about the bitterness of defeat."

Recent medical advances that border on science fiction.

TV news: the PTC names worst shows for families. Fox wins! Next from HBO: a polygamous Mormon family? Also, John Waters to host new show for Court TV. And the BBC gives us... an "adult" spin-off of Doctor Who?

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And now, some excerpts from today's Dan Froomkin. Including a bunch of pull quotes, because, damn.

"It didn't make the front page this morning, but it seems to me that it's a big deal when a former top administration official declares that a secret cabal led by the vice president has hijacked U.S. foreign policy, inveigled the president, condoned torture and crippled the ability of the government to respond to emergencies."

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