October 11th, 2005


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Just pretend I wrote an entire rant about how terrible Comcast is here. You all know the routine.

Internet at the Skypad is down. Again. Has been since Saturday night-ish. Making it very hard to keep up on things.

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Work, way too busy for me to get all my internetting done! Gah!

Yesterday ended up being, finally, MirrorMask. Great movie, visual and beautiful. Go see it now. It's still at the E Street Landmark, and let me tell you, now that I know I can just go to the Metro Center stop, I'm totally using Metro to get there from now on, instead of paying one arm and one leg for parking.

Right, the movie. *Really* good. McKean's art permeates the whole film, the story is engrossing, well worth your time and money. One of the best films of the year so far.

New trailers:
* Ballets Russes - I'm not really up for a documentary on an old ballet company, but hey, someone might be.
* Good Night, and Good Luck. - I was only really interested in this before. Now I'm totally all over this. Next up on my viewing list.

quick like a bunny

I've mentioned it before, but: check out the BBC series Who Runs Your World? Great stuff there.

David S. Broder examines Bush's fraying presidency.

Remember: Bush wants you to save energy, unless you need good press. Oh, and Dan Froomkin on... the photo op backlash?

The Weekly Standard on policy and scandal.

Wiccan priestess loses Supreme Court appeal. (Courtesy rackletang.)

Kevin Smith answers forum questions.

R.E.M. reunites... for a wedding.

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Here's my gallery of pictures from Prakriti and Joe's wedding celebration from last Saturday.

a.) I'll update the descriptions eventually. Or not. Suggestions welcome.
b.) A number of pictures that I thought came out well really didn't, and it makes me sad. A couple I did save really weren't worth saving, but hey, it's just a camera phone.