October 2nd, 2005


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"President Jimmy Carter's calls for conservation in the late 70's, which often included a cardigan, are exactly what today's marketing experts say should be avoided in rallying another generation to the cause. Mr. Carter's approach was eventually seen as a righteous denial of fun that furthered the 'malaise' of the era. This time around, marketers emphasize, conservation needs to become more like a trendy line of sneakers: entertaining, affordable and connected to a wide array of actions."

More on the Guantanamo hunger strikes.

"But such speculation overlooks a paradox in the abortion wars: while combatants focus on the law, technology is already changing the future of abortion, with or without the Supreme Court."

Russia's new tactics against alcoholism: scare tactics.

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The Freakonomics guys on dog waste management.

Ooh. Britain's secret sex survey in the 1940's.

Sure, heckling is fun, but why do people do it? On a related note, another look at the point of blogging.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.