September 30th, 2005


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Judith Miller is out of prison and set to testify today. Damn you Scooter! Plus, comments from Howard Kurtz.
[UPDATE: Dan Froomkin on the big secret.]

Wait, Bill Bennett said *what*?

* Dottie Lynch on DeLay's fall.
* Overhauling the country's spy satellite program.
* Neat! The NRA backed a Democrat.
* NCLB relaxed for a year, to accomodate hurricae refugees.
* US insists on controlling the internet.
* Gorillas using tools!

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Man, whole lotta addresses you gotta change to move and stuff.
(And yes, I'm keeping a list for when I repeat the process in a couple months.)

Work remains goofy. Moving remains hard (though last night was very productive, courtesy Selene.)

New icons might not get done until Monday or so. Time will tell.

And since everyone else is doing it, I'm hitting the 10:30 pm show of Serenity tonight at the Muvico.