September 29th, 2005


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"Tom DeLay has been so intellectually dishonest for so long that news that he may have been criminally dishonest hardly comes as a surprise. The question now is how much worse the political culture will become before it can get better."
-LATimes editorial

* His resignation comes at a bad time for the Republican party. They've had a bad year. Oh, heck, here's the same story at the Times.
* And Congress loses the enforcer.
* Post editorial isn't surprised, but...
* The prosecutor isn't worried about counterattacks.
* The power struggle that wasn't.
* Terry Neal, on how the Republicans didn't learn from the Democrats' past mistakes.
* Plus, Howard Kurtz on the fallout.

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Muppet stamps! Also, Kermit's world tour.

Congrats, Philly.'s pictures of the week.
Also, BBC In Pictures: Fortress Europe.

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ZOMG internet access at the Skypad! Exciting times we live in.

Now, to work on icons and finish that freakin' mix tape CD.

Er, tomorrow. Feh. Stupid, stupid schedule and moving and etc. etc.

Lost fans, here's the image you're looking for, from yesterday's episode.