September 25th, 2005


two requests

Request #1: Manual Labor
This Tuesday, I need to move a handful of items to the curb, so they can picked up for bulk trash on Wednesday. None of them are painfully heavy (couch, dresser, bookcase, etc.) but are too awkward for me to handle myself. Would someone be available around 7 on Tuesday to help me carry things out? It'd be mucho appreciated.

Request #2: House Invasion
Wednesday night, I am fishing for an invitation to someone's house to watch this show called Lost. Ideally, this kind soul would also have a VCR they're not using, so I can tape the episode as well. As above, it'd be mucho appreciated if someone can host me.

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Panel report: "America's image and reputation abroad could hardly be worse."

New bill would permit DNA to be collected from all those arrested. Not convicted, arrested.

The challenge of military recruiting advertising during an unpopular war.

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Good read: CBS's John Roberts on being a reporter in the Katrina disaster zone.

Analysis of chimpanzee genome gives even more evidence of evolution. Meanwhile, intelligent design is taken to court in Pennsylvania.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.