September 21st, 2005


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How the problems in Basra came about. Plus, BBC analysis.

"I guess this means we've won the war on terror": the administration's war on porn. (Courtesy Ocho.)

Why I've been posting less content from the New York Times: Times Select.

Tom Tomorrow, on the real conspiracy behind the neocons.

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Museums learn to deal with religious fundamentalists.

The science of Whedon's Firefly.

A theater version of But I'm A Cheerleader?

damn right

"Yet researchers who study the evolution of language and the psychology of swearing say that they have no idea what mystic model of linguistic gentility the critics might have in mind. Cursing, they say, is a human universal. Every language, dialect or patois ever studied, living or dead, spoken by millions or by a small tribe, turns out to have its share of forbidden speech, some variant on comedian George Carlin's famous list of the seven dirty words that are not supposed to be uttered on radio or television."