September 15th, 2005


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"The president will address the nation tonight from the Gulf Coast. He will probably repeat what he said the other day: That he takes 'full responsibility' for what went wrong with the federal response to Katrina. The obvious follow-up question: Does this mean he will resign?"
-Joel Achenbach

Analysis: Bush changes his tone with the UN.

Study investigates teen sex.

Israeli court orders review of the wall.

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So, uh, what if we just paid teachers more?

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This just in: concrete rules.

"Some people view the 20th century as the atomic age, the space age, the computer age — but an argument can be made that it was the concrete age."


"A new generation of concretes is emerging. This high-tech, Willy Wonka-esque assortment of concrete confections promises to be stronger, lighter, and more environmentally friendly than ever before."