September 12th, 2005


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"The Pentagon has drafted a revised doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons that envisions commanders requesting presidential approval to use them to preempt an attack by a nation or a terrorist group using weapons of mass destruction. The draft also includes the option of using nuclear arms to destroy known enemy stockpiles of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons."

"Will America ever learn again how to protect itself without sacrificing a great many innocent lives?"

'Taking stock of the forever war.'

* After a year of dealing with the death of their son, the Army changes its story on how he died.
* Andrew Cohen has four questions for Roberts. The NYTimes has twenty-five.
* News analysis: hurricane is bad news for the Republicans.
* Paul Krugman on the president's friends. Bob Herbert with survivors' stories.
* And the gay cowboy movie wins!

...If I get time for more news, I will post it in comments. Feel free to make your own additions there as well, as I won't have consistent access until tomorrow.

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How is moving going. Moving is going OK. Slow, but OK. Sunday, Goblin and Decore graciously brought their big ol' truck and moved the bulky and heavy objects (and I only forgot one!) Today was a passel of boxes, and the Great Sorting of Who Gets Which DVD. (So, now I need a whole bunch fo DVDs. Time for Ye Olde Amazone Liste Updatee.)

Mind you, the majority of my belongings are books, graphic novels and comic books, miniatures and their accoutrements, and RPG books. So, yeah, not huge, but surprisingly numerous.

The most stressful part facing me yet is the basement, which has been storage for many years now, mostly gaming storage. So I have to weed through a lot of it, toss a *lot* of crap I've known for years just needs tossing, and generally sort and consolidate. But man, looking at it all at once, intimidating.

I'm already feeling City of Heroes withdrawal. Heh. Hopefully, I'll get internet up on my computer soon, so I can stop loggin Selene out of LiveJournal all the time. Oh, let me also note Selene has been a big help in all this as well, and putting up with me filling her apartment with Xerox boxes.

Huh. Need new icons in a month or so. Better get crackin'.

More updates later, or something.