September 7th, 2005


oh HO

Last night, first new Daily Show since Katrina, and lo, the episode was a treat. Replays tonight at 8 pm, well worth seeing if you missed it.

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"Well, if 9/11 is one bookend of the Bush administration, Katrina may be the other. If 9/11 put the wind at President Bush's back, Katrina's put the wind in his face. If the Bush-Cheney team seemed to be the right guys to deal with Osama, they seem exactly the wrong guys to deal with Katrina - and all the rot and misplaced priorities it's exposed here at home."
-Thomas Friedman

Good read: Harold Meyerson on the "stuff happens" presidency.

Bob Scheiffer: the government has failed the people in their time of need.

California assembly approves gay marriage bill. Will Arnie veto?

Bush's mom and 'compassionate conservatism.'

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Today's conspiracy theory material: "Does the existence of hundreds of gigantic, empty, operational prison camps in the United States of America worry you?"

"The House That Laurie Built"