September 4th, 2005


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Why the poor stayed behind: living paycheck to paycheck makes evacuations unlikely.

Around the world, people ask: how can this be happening in the United States?

* The storm exposed the disarray at the top.
* And now, the administration is blaming state and local officials.
* The storm also exposed the remains of "a tattered racial legacy."
* Nancy Giles asks, what if they were white?
* THe aftermath takes its toll on the local police.
* Problems emerge at smaller shelters.
* Examining the growing economic impact. And why the disaster won't ruin the economy.
* Carnival sends three ships for refugees.

Two must-reads from John Kovalic: one a portion of an interview, and another on the problems at the top (including the return of Dick Cheney.)

[Oh, and, side note: I heard from my eBay seller today, he and his family are fine, but still dealing with the situation.]