September 2nd, 2005


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Ever have one of those days where you've got so much stuff going on, you just don't know where to start? I think my life is turning into that. Even small tasks seem daunting today. Even *Sudoku* seems daunting today.

In other un-news, I didn't get any packing done yesterday.

Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:

Which to pick? Mr. Miami Vice white suit with blue t-shirt, or Mr. Cosby Sweater?

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"President Bush repeatedly requested less money for programs to guard against catastrophic storms in New Orleans than many federal and state officials requested, decisions that are triggering a partisan debate over administration priorities at a time when the budget is strained by the Iraq war. Even with full funding in recent years, none of the flood-control projects would have been completed in time to prevent the swamping of the city, as Democrats yesterday acknowledged. But they said Bush's decision to hold down spending on fortifying levees around New Orleans reflected a broader shuffling of resources -- to pay for tax cuts and the Iraq invasion -- that has left the United States more vulnerable."

Paul Krugman on the can't-do government.

Bush's presidential power grab.

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Spirit finally conquers its hill, and sends back a panoramic picture from Mars.

"If you're not laughing, watching A Sound of Thunder could possibly lower your IQ into the single digits. It's the worst movie of the year -- this year, 2055 or even one that featured living dinosaurs."

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Right, City of Heroes last night.

Hopped on for a bit, see how my level 18 spines/regen scrapper fared in the new issue. Announce I'm looking for a team, and within ten seconds, I get an invite... from a level 49 fire tank. To go take on Nemesis.

(See, *right* before I logged in, he announced that he would sidekick the next person that asked to run the missions with him. He was, like me, just checking out the new issue.)

(I note I only died twice, and both times at the end, facing Nemesis. He walloped me with massive damage, I went down, waited until he wandered a few feet away, Awakened... and he wanders *right* back to me. Wotta space jerk.)