September 1st, 2005


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Good read: George F. Will on Republican history and judicial activism.

Marc Fisher on gas, evacuations, and heeding the warnings.

* Must read, but vivid: firsthand accounts from inside the Superdome.
* Good read: Coming up with solutions for the worst case scenario.
* Chaos at the convention center.
* Accounts from BBC reporters.
* Evacuations and chaos.
* News analysis: another disaster, another trial for the President.

Collapse )'s Emmy predictions.

"I'd do a love scene with Puppet Angel."
-Julie Benz

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This is exactly how far we are, as a civilization, from falling into actual anarchy:
* Mayor Issues 'SOS' Amid Turmoil
* New Orleans' victims in crisis
* Katrina scatters a grim diaspora


While I'm here:
* Another look at the looting.
* "Is the U.S. well enough prepared for natural disasters or has too much funding and attention been shifted to preparing for a terrorist attack?"
* "Diane Sawyer's rare live interview with President Bush this morning on ABC's Good Morning America exposed one of the president's greatest weaknesses: He doesn't have the answers to some of the most important questions."
* Courtesy Iceman: FEMA suffers at the hands of Homeland Security.

OK, I'm done with news for the night.