August 30th, 2005


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Yesterday, caught a matinee of The Brothers Grimm. Matinee was about right, too. It's a fun summer flick, with a good supporting cast, but not terribly deep. I admit I had a bit higher hopes for Gilliam et al, which may be coloring this some.

New trailers:
* Aeon Flux - Whoo boy. The best thing I can say is, it doesn't look anything like the cartoon. However, that doesn't mean it looks good. They better put out a better trailer soon, or else they risk it being called "this year's The Island."
* Into the Blue - Nope.
* Underclassman - Oh, Kelly Hu, you deserve better. Cheech, you don't. And hey, it's that guy from Kingdom Hospital!
* Wolf Creek - Australian horror, reportedly based on a true story. Reminds me totally of that other foreign horror movie from this spring that I didn't see.