August 15th, 2005



So, the chandeleir in the kitchen has had a burned out bulb for like a month. I just kept forgetting to pick up a new one. Late last week, I get in a bit of a painting mood, and it's when I'm painting that I really miss the extra light, so the next day I snag a two-pack of new bulbs. Bulb replaced, huzzah. Next day, the bulb directly to the right burns out. Grr. But hey, I had a two pack, so quick replace, no big. Today, a third bulb, again the next one on the right, *also* burns out.

Well played, chandeleir, well played. You win this round.

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"In fact, just the simple existence of Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo might go a long way toward explaining some of our diplomatic breakdowns overseas, and a few of the things that have gone awry back here at home as well."

So. Has anyone seen March of the Penguins or Four Brothers? If so, would you recommend them? I'm not sure anything else is coming out until Brothers Grimm hits the screen in two weeks.

Selene and I sat down to watch Boogeyman on DVD last night, and let me tell you, it got so close to being a good movie it almost hurts. So, so close. And then, it ended so, so far away. And I *totally* didn't recognize Lucy Lawless.