August 13th, 2005


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"A district judge has ruled that key components of Virginia's drunken driving laws are unconstitutional, citing a decades-old U.S. Supreme Court decision."

Finally. Changing airline security to make it easier on passengers.

Post editorial: what has Ehrlich been up to this summer?

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Good read: yeah, remember all that talk of running out of trash dump space? So, so wrong.

The rise and fall of TV Guide. lists the 25 most intriguing characters in sports.

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Man. How sad a summer movie season, when there's two weekends in a row when there's nothing out even *I* want to see?

Work's dead today, blessedly. Been keeping busy (and avoiding the web filters) by scouring Wikipedia for all sorts of topics, including the surprising amount of info they have on comic book characters (Like this. And more obscure ones, like Zaladane!)

Man, been a few weeks since I did an actual update, so allow me to sum up:

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[EDIT: Now with quizzes!]

Links of dorkness interest:
* Serenity, in Lego (courtesy Magistrate.)
* Straight Dope: were ancient tombs really booby-trapped?
* All the He-man and She-Ra comics, scanned.
* As seen elsewhere: D&D Made Simple