August 10th, 2005


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Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:
This is what you call a "trump card." I tend to describe people who catch my eye for some minor detail or another. Today, it's a major detail. We'll call the gentleman "The Green Line Samurai." He was wearing a samurai hat, carrying a walking stick, a long, flowy patterned robe/shirt/thing, billowy pants, and sandals. And wraparound sunglasses. His beard was neatly trimmed in some zigzag pattern.

Originally, I was going to post about everyone else in the car around him, trying hard not to look at him. This isn't the kind of thing most people are prepared for at six in the morning.

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Work's goofy. Too busy for a real news break, so you just get

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* D.C. Criticized for Not Treating AIDS as a Citywide Health Crisis
* Roberts Papers Being Delayed
* Conservative Group Opposes Roberts
* Editorial: The Reality of Gangs
* Bush v. Rumsfeld
* Ohio Critics of G.O.P. Start Battle to Change Election Process
* Murder Case May Prompt Change at Cemetery
* Sheriff says department helicopter was shot down
* Scientists Crack Genetic Code of Rice
* Column: It's Not a Science Gap (Yet)
* He Created a Mirror for Black America