August 5th, 2005


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"George W. Bush has something in common with the Ming emperors of China: He seems determined to make his great nation less ambitious and more ignorant."
-Eugene Robinson

Swift Boats for science: fraud think tanks that seek to obfuscate what is and isn't science.

What spending restraint? What fiscal conservatism? GOP spending goes out of control.

Roberts' role in gay bias case makes waves. Also, Roberts' place in the civil rights debate in the 80's. Post analysis looks at the dichotomy.

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"Constitutional scholars have yet to find anything in that famed document that deals with a fundamental right to run Super Mario through his paces."

Haw haw! CNN suspends Novak.

No, seriously: Pentagon to spend big teaching scientists to write movie scripts.

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"Wow, I am so relieved that Congress has finally agreed on an energy bill. Now that's out of the way, maybe Congress will focus on solving our energy problem. Sorry to be so cynical, but an energy bill that doesn't enjoin our auto companies to sharply improve their mileage standards is just not serious."
-Thomas Friedman

Newspapers complain about special-interest groups using form letters to spam letters-to-the-editor pages.

Why America is more dependent than ever on Saudi Arabia.

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Desson Thompson's top twenty indy movies. (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

Quick Calgary Sun interview with Christopher Walken. (Bonus: zombies!)

Artist prankster Banksy takes on the Israeli wall.