July 26th, 2005


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"Supreme Court nominee John Roberts declined Monday to say why he was listed in a leadership directory of the Federalist Society and the White House said he has no recollection of belonging to the conservative group."

So. What are they hiding about Roberts' past? Also, BAGnewsNotes examines his family picture.

Ah, perception: renaming the war on terrorism.

* This just in: new energy bill won't reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
* NYTimes analysis of the union split finds ambition at the core of the crisis.
* Ted Rall on war on hypocrisy.
* A kinder, gentler boot camp.
* Turns out the flu mutates even faster than previously thought.
* Studying monkeys and mirrors.
* Tough times at DreamWorks?
* Payola alive and well in today's radio.
* Mel Gibson starts work on his new movie - this one in... Mayan?

BBC headline of the day: "Ancient phallus unearthed in cave"

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Other night, Selene and I dined at Red Robin, then caught The Wedding Crashers. Pretty amusing summer comedy, the roles were tailor-fitted for Wilson and Vaughn (including allusions to both of them getting old.) First half was great, but slowed down as we got to the predictable drama of the second half. Christopher Walken again proves he can do more with a raised eyebrow or quick glare than other actors can do with five minutes of dialogue. My favorite was probably Isla Fisher, who I hadn't seen before; did a good job of convincingly crazy.

New poster:
* Lord of War - poster was pretty vague, didn't really say what the movie was about. Probably because, if they had indicated 'Nicholas Cage as an arms dealer having a crisis of conscience' I woulda tuned out immediately.

New trailers:
* Carlito's Way: Rise to Power - A prequel to the original. Why bother? It wasn't *that* popular. Ah well. At least Luis Guzman can pay rent for another couple months.
* Domino - Keira Knightley as a model turned bounty hunter. Loosely based on a true story. Directed by the guy who brought us The Hunger *and* Top Gun. Draw your own conclusions.
* The 40 Year-Old Virgin - Man, who guessed Steve Carell would be the breakout star from The Daily Show? This trailer was only slightly different than the last, and the changes all made it slightly naughtier.
* Flightplan - Straight from the imdB - "A bereaved woman and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America. At 30,000 feet the child vanishes and nobody admits she was ever on that plane." Could be formulaic, could be intelligent, will have to wait for reviews, as the trailer made it look very, well, formulaic.

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"[Roberts on the high court] will do more to determine how Americans are governed than any senator, or any five senators. Yet it would apparently be wrong for senators to ask him how he would exercise this vast power. In our current political order, elections for the Senate may turn on the candidates' positions on abortion even though senators do not set abortion policy. But the people who do set abortion policy are not to be asked how they will rule. It is permissible to interview a candidate for the job of Supreme Court justice. But the hirers are not to ask for the answers they most want to know. That position, however absurd it may sound, has been embraced by the Republican party. Even before Bush named a nominee, most Republicans in Washington were saying that questions about how the nominee would rule on specific issues are off limits."
-Ramesh Ponnuru, courtesy Howard Kurtz

* Jeffrey Rosen, and The Way We Live Now: why the Supreme Court choice isn't as drastic as everyone's making it out to be.
* 'Taking the pulse of Bush's America.'
* Good read: Dan Froomkin asks, "what did the President know?"
* Gene Weingarten has a couple new amendments to suggest.
* Tom Shales trashes Fox's So You Think You Can Dance?
* Michael Bay, on how his latest movie became a flop so quickly.
* Good read: is the DVD bubble about to burst?
* First Person Singular, with Lynda Carter.


Normally reliable co-worker who replaces me in the afternoon shows up over ten minutes late (unreliable coworkers don't show up at all.)
I miss my normal train out of Virginia Square.
The Orange line train I do catch dumps all passengers at Metro Center, technical problems.
I run upstairs, and *just* miss the Red line train leaving.
Catch the next Red line, hop to Chinatown, where I *just* miss the Green line train leaving.
Once I get to Greenbelt, I get to finally leave all those lame delays behind... just in time to hit traffic on the Beltway.
Finally get home, and my e-mail is down.

Early afternoon erranding plans, *entirely* shot.

I'm like Bruce Banner levels of angry over here.