July 12th, 2005


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"In brief, White Wolf is requesting that those who wish to charge players to play White Wolf games (beyond standard fees at a convention) obtain a license to do so from us. We request this both in order to ensure we can provide a consistent level of support and play experience to those fans looking to play our games and in order to protect our rights in terms of trademark and so forth. Yes, our games are meant to be played and we encourage everyone to do so — but charging players is stepping into a commercial arena and license agreements then come into play. Our vehicle for granting this license is membership in the Camarilla."
-Philippe R. Boulle, Director of Marketing, White Wolf Publishing

I presume a bunch of you heard about this already, but I only just found out. Can I also fairly presume there's a huge uproar about all this nonsense?

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"It is time for a policy on terrorism that is based on more than ideology and the rote incantations the president has been offering for four years."
-E.J. Dionne Jr. (well worth a read)

* Must read: Joel Achenbach.
* LiveOnline transcript with Dana Milbank.
* Calling for Rove's resignation.

* Poll shows more Americans believe the Iraq war has made America less safe.
* Permanent version of the Patriot Act proposed.
* Why isn't there much shock about outrageous oil prices anymore?
* Can anyone govern California?
* Scientists try to figure out why most imaginary voices are male.

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Fantastic Four was decent, for a summer action-hero flick, but didn't really transcend that boundary at all. I guess I was hoping for better characterization, or something along those lines, and this certainly wasn't a deep movie at all. Everyone was good enough at their characters, there just wasn't enough there for anyone to really work with. And considering the story, they could have done a lot more. As the one reviewer put it, it felt like a great pilot for a new TV show. Anyways. If you're inclined to check it out, definitely go for it on the big screen, it's good visual fun.

So, on the big scale, we're better than The Hulk, but not as good as X-men 1.

New Trailers:
* Bad News Bears - Ehn. Vaguely amusing, but still a little kids sports movie, and I've seen too many of those.
* Corpse Bride - Still goth-tastic, still looks fun.
* Cry_Wolf - Signs repeatedly point to no. It's an AIM horror movie! Seriously.
* Ice Ace 2: The Meltdown - Another all-Skrit teaser trailer, so, amusing.
* The Transporter 2 - OK, the first one was good, but what would a sequel need? Aha! Hot chick assassin. GO.

New poster seen:
* The Fog - Whoah. A remake of the John Carpenter 'classic' with Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, and Selma Blair? Hollywood, you fascinate me.