July 11th, 2005


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"The incredible fact is that, nearly four years into the war on terrorism and despite three Supreme Court decisions and countless lower court rulings, we still seem to be making up our detention and interrogation policies as we go along. Or, rather, the Bush administration seems to be making them up with almost no input from the other branches of government."

* Terrorism, bombings, and panic (or lack thereof.)
* Salman Rushdie: "India and Pakistan's Code of Dishonor"
* The financial risk of terrorism insurance.
* Gambling's growth into a billion dollar industry.
* Wait, people actually watch the SciFi Channel's original movies?

"If Kazakhstan can eliminate lead from gasoline, why can't Nascar?"

la grande update

The bad news: Car estimate comes to over $1,000. Sorry, that's the downpayment on a new car, folks.
The other bad news: slept in today, in an effort to get rid of this cold. Cold still just as bad. So, time to go to the doctor.