July 9th, 2005


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"When Senator Hillary Clinton started using the adjective 'threat-based' in talking about how to divvy up the homeland security funds, I thought my head might explode. Not because she was wrong. But because - simpleton that I am - I kind of assumed that the 'threat-based' thing went without saying."
-Sarah Vowell

* Ohio newspaper withholds investigative reports, for fear of jail time for the journalists who wrote them.
* E.J. Dionne gets behind those awful "special interest groups" fighting over the Supreme Court.
* Appeals court voids the ban on a certain type of abortion.
* Great. Leading cardinal suggests evolution might not be compatible with Catholic teaching.
* Who better to make a Hollywood movie about the 9/11 attacks than Oliver Stone and Nicholas Cage. Gah.

I Heard It On NPR:
A Doctor Responds to London Terror Alert
Robert Siegel talks with Dr. Peter Holden, who treated victims of the Tavistock Square bus bombing in London Thursday. The bus bombing occurred right near his office in the British Medical Association building. Holden tells how they set up a ward to treat several dozen victims in the building's courtyard.

A G-8 meeting comic by Mark Millar!