July 7th, 2005


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Definition of freaky: driving to catch my Metro into work in the morning, and listening to the BBC World News on the radio, with live coverage of the explosions across London that have shut down their subway system. Eep!

(You could tell only a couple other people on the Metro had heard the news.)

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Judith Miller jailed after refusing to name her source for, you know, an article she didn't write. (Thanks, Bob Novak!) An analysis by Howard Kurtz states the Plame case is definied by its shadows. Also, the BBC has a fine Q&A; here's the Post editorial and the Times editorial.

* So it turns out malpractice payouts aren't rising. Who knew!
* The food industry flexes its legal and lobbying muscles.
* Invisible workers, united by their anonymity.
* NPR's This I Believe series: Andrew Sullivan.
* NPR presents a timeline of the Scopes Monkey Trial.
* Rappers, crime, and credibility.
* Dinosaur Comics on copyright law.