June 28th, 2005


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"For decades, the establishment media were like a walled village, largely insulated from the outside world. But technology has produced so many cracks in the wall that previously ignored stories can seep in -- sometimes in a trickle, sometimes a flood -- when partisans and pressure groups make enough waves."
-Howard Kurtz

Andrew Cohen deciphers the Ten Commandments case ruling. Christian groups, of course, plan more monuments. (Bonus: the court's other rulings.)
Super Bonus: graphic of the scorecard for the prominent cases this term.

Ooh. More memos point to British doubts before war.

Previw of the President's speech tonight on Iraq. I'm totally... gonna read the transcript the next day.

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Ooh, policy briefings now available online!

The internet has transformed modern life.

Write your own punchline: UConn offers masters' degree in homeland security.

OK, one more

"Beware the cut-and-run straw man tonight... According to the latest polls, Americans are not saying that U.S. troops should leave instantly. They're saying they feel the country is bogged down in a war that was a mistake in the first place, they're saying they feel misled by the president and have lost confidence in him, and they're saying they want to know the way out.

"They're not saying abandon the troops; they're saying support the troops. They're not saying dishonor the dead, they're saying stop the dying. They're not saying let the terrorists win; they're saying they don't think that victory in Iraq will have a major impact on terrorism elsewhere."
-Dan Froomkin on tonight's speech