June 24th, 2005


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"Bush's problem in this second term is that rigidity will limit his ability to govern effectively. Refusing to give ground on little things will eventually erode his power to sustain the big thing."
-David Ignatius

* George Will on the Supreme Court's property seizure ruling fallout.
* Analysis: Secretary Rice's summer vacation.
* UN cites torture reports at Guantanamo.
* Oh, snap: "The United States' image is so tattered overseas two years after the Iraq invasion that China, which is ruled by a communist dictatorship, is viewed more favorably than the U.S. in many countries."
* Essay: defining justice in a small town in Mississippi.
* House restores $100 million to public broadcasting, but read the fine print.
* Calls for Rove's apology. I vote resignation.
* Tonight's sadly not literal headline: Waste mountain 'must be tackled'
* Hee. Howard Kurtz on the Hollywood hype machine. And guess who he means. Eugene Robinson wonders about the celebrity bubble.

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OMG one week (or so) until new icons. I'm so excited! (Suggestions welcome!) (And oh, how I love the Google image search. L.o.v.e.)

Also, one week (or so) until is the 'halfway through the year list of movies.' Since it was a big hit last year.

Codicil to my sleepless post: So I managed to fall back asleep for an hour or so, but messily. I dreamed I was a member of the Teen Titans, except occasionally I was one of my City of Heroes characters. It was weird and confusing, but I think it was one of those parallel-worlds-collide events, since I kept seeing different versions of the same people, so it might have been meant to be like that. WHO CAN SAY.

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* Italian judge approves of warrants for the CIA agents who kidnapped an Italian citizen.
* Robert Scheer with a reality check on Iraq.
* What was the role of military doctors at Guantanamo?
* What if we stopped giving aid to Africa?
* Paul Krugman on the war president.
* The dark horse of the Iranian election.
* Who better to head public broadcasting than the former co-chair of the RNC?
* Poll shows McCain as current lead contender for President in '08.
* Mmm. Evidence points to a million-year El Nino.
* Noticed the moon looks really big these days?