June 9th, 2005


the good news is

Bebe's fever broke sometime during the night, so while I'll still be spending the day with her (pretty sure most of my vacation days this year will be spent on sick bebe,) looks like we won't have to go to the doctor's.

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"In this twisted post-objective world, White House spinners see every screw-up as a golden opportunity. Not only did he not lose the election, Bush and his media organs drone on, he won a mandate! If WMDs weren't found in Iraq, it just proves that they were moved to Syria - not that the war was based on lies. The former detainees who claim they were tortured at Gitmo? They 'hate America,' says Bush."
-Ted Rall

* Worth reading: the battle over gay rights moves to public schools.
* House ethics committee remains stalled over DeLay case.
* Ted Rall on the dangers of the administration listening to its own propaganda. Also, more pithy insight.
* Poll of scientists find many prone to misconduct in reporting data.
* What about linking your banking account to your fingerprint?
* So, what if they held a celebrity trial, and no one cared?

[NOTE: Due to some days off for a certain someone's birthday, updates will be more sporadic for the next couple days. I'm sure you all will survive.]

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* ...Or do we want the Guantanamo prisoners held in their home countries?
* Dan Froomkin on Fox's hard-hitting interview with President Bush.
* Desertions take their toll on the Afghan army.
* Canadian court deals a blow to their health care system.
* Genetic disorders and the Amish.
* Living with rats.
* The premiere of a previously unknown Bach aria.

"If you had happened upon this 305-acre horse farm off a remote road in an obscure part of Southern California on a recent Sunday afternoon, you might have thought you had dropped into a bacchanal, or perhaps the set for a soft-core film staged by fans of Dungeons and Dragons."