June 4th, 2005


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The Longest Yard was pretty funny. Not as good as the best football movie ever, of course, but amusing fare. Adam Sandler isn't his usual annoying self. And oh so many pro wrestlers! Plus, other terrifying large actors. Good times. [Also, *the best* play in any football movie ever.]

New Trailers:
* The Honeymooners - Uh, no. And Eric Stoltz, have you, at long last, no sense of decency?
* Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo - Eddie Griffin is always a plus, but not that much of a plus.
* The Wedding Crashers - I can't exactly say why, but this trailer totally won me over. Also, that one chick looks *totally* psycho.
* War of the Worlds - OK, *maybe*. It'll be decent eye candy if nothing else.

They also had a bit on the 2wenty about Bewitched, and how they seem to have turned it into a Will Ferrell movie, which makes me want to see it a bunch less.

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"A federal appeals court yesterday struck down Virginia's law barring a controversial late-term abortion procedure, ruling that the measure is unconstitutional because it lacks an exception to safeguard a woman's health."

* US allies cited for human trafficking. Someone remind me again why we tolerate Saudi Arabia?
* And yet, fears of the draft remain.
* Dan Froomkin on Bush and the press, and more.
* Ambassador for six of the past secretaries of state, Richard Boucher moves on.
* Mismanagement major problem in trying to fix Metro's woes.
* New atlas highlights sprawl and decay.
* Penn Jillette and his wife give birth to a daughter: Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette.

Also, get your war on has been updated.