June 1st, 2005


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I Heard It on NPR:

States Target Polygamy Group
All Things Considered, May 31, 2005 - "Authorities in Utah and Arizona are taking new steps to try to control a polygamist group dominating twin towns on the Utah-Arizona border. The group is known as the FLDS Church and it controls the schools, police and local government. Last week, the state of Arizona raided the school administrative offices and a Utah judge froze the assets of the group."

(With bonus commentary from one Jon Krakauer.)

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I don't usually post these things, but this one amuses me:

"SCORPIO: Last February, three people got lost while riding their mountain bikes in California's San Bernardino National Forest. Luckily, they were rescued by emergency workers before any harm came to them. But the next day they returned to the woods to look for their bikes and got lost a second time. Again, help arrived in time, and they were escorted to safety. Don't be like them in the coming days, Scorpio. You're allowed to wander off-course and get saved once, but don't make the same mistake twice."

So, my horoscope is... don't ride my bike in the woods?

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You know, it's kind of a let-down knowing who Deep Throat actually is.

* The shadowy connections between the CIA, private contractors, and a fleet of small planes.
* Thomas Friedman on symbols of America overseas.
* Wolfowitz takes over at the World Bank today.
* Credit where it's due: Bush is holding more news conferences this term.
* So, when will the drug companies start releasing that research information?
* Preliminary sketch for Nazi nuclear bomb uncovered.
* Lloyd Garver on crime rates and empty threats.