May 25th, 2005


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"What [Laura Bush's speech] failed to do, however, was to place the extraordinarily touchy - and not very nice - issue of Islamic women's rights where it belongs: smack in the middle of the democracy debate going on in the Muslim world, and most of all in Iraq."
-Anne Applebaum

* Amnesty International slams the administration over human rights.
* Fallout from the judicial nominee compromise points to an upcoming power struggle in the GOP.
* Dottie Lynch on Congress's low poll numbers.
* Ted Rall discusses the record of our ally Uzbekistan.
* Federal counsel says laws don't offer protection against discrimination by gays.
* Voinovich issues letter urging his colleagues to vote against Bolton.
* Voyager reaches the end of the solar system.
* Disney is looking to cash in on the Muppets.
* One author's year in following NASCAR.