May 21st, 2005


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Must read: when Muslims worldwide hear about America, they think of Guantanamo. Perceptions become reality.

David Brooks on bashing Newsweek.

NYTimes chart: Are Bush's judicial nominees really having such a hard time?

Ehrlich vetoes gay rights bill, and the 'Wal-Mart bill.'

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Gates warns of a flood of excess information.

Vanishing lake baffles Russians.

Good read: while no one noticed, the art of telling jokes disappeared.

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"And, amidst the criticism of cut corners and threats by recruiters, CBS News Correspondent Jim Acosta reports that a little-known provision in the federal No Child Left Behind law gives these recruiters a secret weapon when aiming to recruit high schoolers, and catch the attention of students as young as 14. To set up tables inside public high schools, a recruiter doesn't even need a permission slip. What frightens some parents is that the law also gives them access to each student's personal data, including address and phone number. Any school that doesn't comply risks losing federal funding."