May 19th, 2005


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"After riots in which 17 people died, the Bush administration pointed the finger of blame at Newsweek. The White House began a series of demands on the magazine, as though it were a rogue state. First, Newsweek had to accept responsibility for its error. Newsweek's single source had suddenly decided he was not a profile in courage and informed the reporter that he was no longer certain of his previous assertion. Second, Newsweek had to apologize profusely and retract the article. Third, it had to explain to the world that it alone was responsible for the anger of the Muslim world and that official U.S. policy dictated respect for the Quran. In short, Newsweek must do everything that the Bush administration has refused to do about its torture policy."
-Sal Blumenthal, courtesy Howard Kurtz

side notes

No, I don't know why my mail is acting up and arriving at weird times. Suffice it to say, I'm not ignoring any of you. Well, intentionally. Cell phone always works. Except I keep it off when I'm at work. But, yeah.

And no, I don't know why I've been weirdly dizzy on and off last night and this morning. It's nothing major; maybe even just nerves. Currently, I'll blame the bebe, who is a snotty pile of sick. Seriously, lots of phlegm.

Man. Next week is the season finales for The Shield, Lost, *and* Deadwood. Scrubs is already done. (On the other hand, new Justice League this Saturday, and new Teen Titans in June. But still.) And Charmed got renewed again? *thud* Someone let me know when House reruns start.

Tonight, Nation.

Saturday, some Star Wars movie.

Sunday, an extra helping of work for me. Seventh day in a row!

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Continuing the NYTimes series on Class Matters: on health and marriage.

Good read: Annals of Outrage 2, yet more fraud and waste by the administration.

* American military commanders are changing their tune about the Iraq pullout.
* Congress passes measures to keep female soldiers out of combat.
* More bad news on Bolton.
* Whoo. Pregnant student defies graduation ban.
* Workplace climate control - why are some co-workers always hot, and others always cold?
* For video games to really become mainstream entertainment, they need to widen their appeal.
* Fox announces their fall season. (Prison Break looks interesting.) Also, Lisa De Moraes on the fall at CBS.

"When I sat down to do Sin City, I decided the guys would all be tough, the women would all be beautiful and the cars would all be vintage. The dirty secret of cartoonists is that we tend to write stories that give us fun things to draw."
-Frank Miller, at Cannes